Detoxification: Doing It Safely And Effectively

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Detoxification refers to a process wherein the body flushes out toxins that can be dangerous for our health. These toxins can be from alcohol, drugs, pollutants, industrial chemicals, secondary smoke, pollution, and pesticides, among others. The main goal of detoxification is to cleanse the body and to keep it in its best state. Over the years, it has been an overused word and various methods have been introduced. This has made it more challenging for many people to decide which one actually works and which ones are safe.

Why You Should Detox


With pollution, stress at work, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits, and excessive alcohol consumption, among others, our body is ruined in ways more than one. In order to keep it healthy, detox is probably one of the best solutions. If you are exposed to solvents and pesticides, experiencing headache, suffering from frequent allergies, and having memory problems, these are some of the indications that you need a detox. It will help to clean the liver, kidney, and colon. In the same way, it will help to purify the blood. It can also be effective in terms of improving the immune system to enhance the defense of the body against various health problems. With detox, you can also reduce your dependence on alcohol and caffeine.

Detox and Safety Concerns

In spite of the popularity of detox, there are some people who have reported negative impacts of such on their body. These unfavorable outcomes can be avoided if you make sure that you are doing it right. Never force the body if you know that you cannot have it handled. Remember, the level of effort here is high. If you have existing health conditions, it would be best to first consult with a doctor to be assured of your safety. If you have diabetes and cardiovascular health problems, you should also be more wary. Also, it would be best to go the natural route and avoid supplements. Many of these supplements contain laxatives, which can put you at risk of dehydration and digestive problems. Detox diets can also be addicting, so make sure to watch out for signs that you might have been overdoing it.

What You Can Do

The following are some of the suggestions that can help you to detox safely and effectively:

  • Lemon Water: This is one of the simplest and most popular way of detoxifying. Lemons are rich in acids, which aid in the process of cleansing. They are also high in citric acid, which will help in breaking down fats. Aside from such, lemons are also refreshing!
  • Sweat it Out in the Sauna: The next time that you head to the spa or to the gym, make sure to take advantage of the sauna. By sweating it out, you are getting rid of the toxins that can be harmful for your health.
  • Exercise Regularly: Because sweating can help your body to eliminate toxins, exercise will be effective for detoxification. You do not necessarily have to enroll at a gym. Even at home, there are many simple but effective exercise routines that can be done.
  • Drink Tea: The next time that you head to a coffee shop, order tea in lieu of your usual caffeine fix. This is rich in antioxidants that can purify your body. It also satiates the appetite, making you avoid overeating, especially food that will be bad for your overall health.
  • Eat Healthy: One rule of thumb that you have to keep in mind is to try your best to stay away from any food that is boxed, packed, or canned. They are filled with unhealthy ingredients. Natural detoxing involve loading up on heathy treats, such as green vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and seeds.
  • Get Spicy: For a long time now, a diet rich in spice has been recommended for weight loss because it satiates the appetite. In the same way, it is also rich with super cleansing properties. With this, it will also help if you can incorporate turmeric, cayenne, ginger, and cinnamon to your diet.
  • Brush your Skin: Detoxing is not just internally, but also externally. With regular brushing, you can easily get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface. It leaves you with a fresher feeling while also allowing your skin to breathe more.
  • Choose Personal Care Products Wisely: This is one important thing to do, but often ignored by many. Shampoo, makeup, and shower gels, among others, can be filled with toxic chemicals that can disrupt the hormones.
  • Laugh Out Loud: Do not laugh at this suggestion. It is actually very helpful. Detox is not just all about the body. You should also detox the mind. If you know how to laugh more often, this will give you a better perspective in life and can influence your physical health in ways more than one.

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